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The closer I come to death, the less inclined I am to limit the wisdom and infinity of God.
Brennan Manning
Brennan Manning - The Furious Longing of GodThe Furious Longing of God
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The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space. – Marilyn Monroe
I believe the road to hell is paved with adverbs,
I try to hold on to the things I believe to be good and true. Good things happen to good people. Karma is real. There is a larger, better plan for us all if we stay positive, keep pushing and get out of our own way. But life can beat you down. Life loves to test your belief in the unprovable, your unsubstantiated faith in a larger goodwill. Sometimes it even feels like the more you believe, the more you are tested. And that’s when it’s very important not to mistake a burning bush for a random shrub fire.
Rob Lowe
Rob Lowe - Love LifeLove Life
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Jesus is not your accuser. He’s not your prosecutor. He’s not your judge. He’s your friend and your rescuer. Like Zacchaeus, just spend time with Jesus. Don’t hide from him in shame or reject him in self-righteousness. Don’t allow the opinions of other people to shape your concept of him. Get to know him for yourself, and let the goodness of God change you from the inside out.
Then there was the girl that was electrocuted to death in a power transformer vault at the Int Base near Building 50.
When we get angry, God gives us both a warning and a way out. “Be careful here,” He says. “If you don’t get the right perspective on this destructive emotion, you are liable to do something that has grave consequences. Don’t open that door to the actions of your anger because you won’t like what is on the other side. Instead, do what is right.
King was controlled. He never shouted. But he preached like someone who wanted to shout, and this gave him an electrifying hold over the congregation. Though still a boy to many of his older listeners, he had the commanding air of a burning sage.
One would think that if our heart disease epidemic is a matter of chronic inflammation as much as high cholesterol, that applying anti-inflammatory medications to the problem would make it go away. And yet, what is actually happening is a rebound effect, where our bodies stop making the anti-inflammatory proteins and hormones themselves, and become reliant on the medications instead.
Processed foods (or low-quality foods) tend to be much more calorically dense than natural foods; therefore people who eat a lot of processed foods tend to eat more total calories and to be heavier than people who don
Matt Fitzgerald
Matt Fitzgerald - Racing WeightRacing Weight
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