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Quien tema contratar a los mejores cerebros es un fracasado que realiza una actividad para la que no tiene condiciones.
“The Government of the Reich will give all support to the development of the motor car industry,” Hitler declared at the 1933 Berlin Auto Show. He promised a public works program that would build an “enormous network of automobile roads” and announced Germany’s answer to the Model T: the Volkswagen
He made a list of behaviors that needed changing. He agreed to a weekly accountability session where his week would be reviewed. Even more significantly, he agreed to receive regular feedback from his entire leadership constellation, those above him as well as those below him in the organizational food chain. These quarterly feedbacks would form the basis of his performance review. Behavioral patterns like Hal’s do not go away immediately. He had relapses. But his commitment to improvement earned Hal the grace from others to allow him time and room to grow.
Unlike Śaṅkara and Rāmānuja, he did not found a lasting intellectual lineage, nor were hagiographies composed about his life.
Imagine if the goal of teaching students about the animal world was that they would love animals more as well as understand them better. — Thomas Moore
Bernice McCarthy
Bernice McCarthy - About LearningAbout Learning
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Because groups and teams are the means by which most things get done in organizations, being able to get people to work together more effectively can be the difference between winning and losing in today’s competitive business environment.
One set of laws, primarily for Europeans and for the wealthy, allows freedom of travel. Another set, for Latin Americans and the poor, creates a labyrinth of enticements and obstacles.
The good news spreads most naturally not only where the congregation holds its assembly but where its scattered members live out their weekdays.
Mark Dever
Mark Dever - The Church: The Gospel Made VisibleThe Church: The Gospel Made Visible
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La cultura no garantiza el buen juicio, el escepticismo ni la sabiduría.
In this new era, you have two choices: become a temp staffer (not a horrible choice) or become an artist-entrepreneur.
James Altucher
James Altucher - Choose Yourself!Choose Yourself!
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