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Quando riesci a capire gli altri e scopri le loro miserie, la merda ti schizza sempre addosso. Alla fine si ha la sensazione di guardare uno specchio,
Mercy is God’s tender compassion demonstrated toward those who are afflicted, not according to what they deserve but according to what they need to survive this trial.
I suppose there are some persons whose minds naturally incline towards the doctrine of free-will. I can only say that mine inclines as naturally towards the doctrines of sovereign grace.
Charles H. Spurgeon
Charles H. Spurgeon - A Defense of CalvinismA Defense of Calvinism
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Eight decades after Pauli exclaimed that he had done a ‘terrible thing’, admitting that ‘I have postulated a particle that cannot be detected’, neutrino astronomy is at the threshold of enabling us to look into distant galaxies, and to find echoes of the Big Bang.
Frank Close
Frank Close - NeutrinoNeutrino
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Prochaska and Carlo DiClemente in their Transtheoretical Model of Change and by William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick in their creation of Motivational Interviewing. All persuasion moves through the steps of this cycle. To take people from the beginning to the end of the Persuasion Cycle, you need to speak with them in a manner that moves them: From resisting to listening From listening to considering From considering to willing to do From willing to do to doing From doing to glad they did and continuing to do.
Mission … is not only a consequence of Christ’s dominion of the world, but it is also the actualization of it, [its manifestation]. The proclamation of the gospel is the form of the kingdom of God.”38We have arrived at a crucial threshold in the development of a theology for evangelistic ministry. Such ministry, “the proclamation of the gospel,” is to be understood and practiced as “the form of the kingdom of God.” This convergence of kingdom and king, mission and message, has profound implications for our theological task.The gospel is the person and work of Jesus as the salvation event towards which God’s mission has been moving and from which that mission now moves into the entire world on the way to its eschatological consummation when God fulfills all his promises. After Easter, …
The glory of God is a silver thread which must run through all our actions. I Cor 10:01. Whether therefore ye eat or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.’
When it comes to ‘problem behaviors’ there are four types of parents…parents who punish their children for having problems, parents who view their children as being problems, parents who solve their children’s problems for them, and parents who help their children solve their problems.
I’m convinced that God loves to put us in places where we realize we are in over our heads. It forces us to turn to him in dependence, which is right where he wants us. It also causes us to turn toward each other and utilize every gift in the body of Christ.